Medical Supplies

So I received an email from the nurse who will be going on the missions trip to Monrovia, Liberia. Her and I will be able to go to the nursing school there, some clinics, and hopefully help out with immunizations for the kids. She gave me a list of things that we would need donated to us to take for the clinic and school to have. Here is the list
blood pressure cuffs including ped and large adult size
ant fungal cream
anti itch creams
hydrocortisone cream
ferrous sulfate
lots of dressing supplies of any kind
dressing tape
scrubs in good condition all sizes and colors
2010 drug books
dressing scissors
wound packing
newer nursing and medical texts (10 years old or less)
ted hose - will take any size but especially need larger sizes
chemcial cold and hot packs
wound disinfectants
I don't see that I have interested readers; but I am really hoping that more people would read and see what we need. I wish this could become a bigger thing and people could see there are things that we need. If you are reading and want to donate any of these things or give money for me to get these things, please let me know. My email address is keshia.witthuhn09@northwestu.edu 

Seriously some of these things are not that expensive! Like scrubs are not too bad, the creams, disenfectants, thermometers, scales, and some others are really not all that expensive. I still need to raise money for myself to go! Please help! 

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