Tweaked my "Write Me Your Secrets" project.

I now am going to plainly call it Letters from the World. Because I would love to receive letters from anyone around the world.  Here is the updated explaination portion. Anyone have suggestions?


The idea of this project is to have letters from all over the world. These letters will then be scanned and loaded onto my blog for other people to view. You can write about anything, but here are some ideas
  • You can write secrets that you can’t tell to anyone else
  • About things that are bothering you
  • Why you are the way you are
  • What you wish people would understand
  • Who brings you most hope in life
  • What you want to tell the people of this world
  • Or anything else that is on your mind.
I want to read whatever it is you write. It does not matter if I know you or if I don’t. You can write me.
How to do it?
  • In letter form, hand written or typed. Hand written is better :) But if your hand writing is atrocious, maybe you should type it.
  • On a postcard
Don’t know how to write an address on an envelope?
Here is a picture as well :) However, you can leave out  your name and address if you want to ; I don’t need to know that if you don’t want to share . If you are mailing from the U.S. the Forever stamp is perfect for letters.
  • Cost for postage right  now in the U.S. is: $.44 for a letter and $.29 for a post card.
  • What to put in the Recipient’s place
    • Keshia A N Witthuhn
      5325 113th Place NE Apt#4
      Kirkland WA 98033
      United States of America (<–use this only if you’re mailing from outside the U.S.)
    Feel free to write me, I will read anything and everything. Even if you can’t write in English, write me. Maybe I can translate it somehow!!
    As I receive letters and postcards I will upload them so the senders will know I received it. If you do not want me to upload it, let me know in your letter/postcard. I will honor your wishes. However, not everyone should do this! I want each of you to be involved, and letting you see the letters that I have received will be one way to do that.  :)
    Thanks everyone!
Here is the link to my wordpress page.: http://keshiastravels.wordpress.com/lettersfromtheworld/

this is also the home of my actual blog. 

Postcards and guacamole sandwiches

Alright, so today has been a longish/short day all at the same time. I didn’t get to sleep until about 5 this morning, woke up around 1030 and just putted around the apartment for a bit. I got all my post cards organized to send out here shortly. I was going to go to the Starbucks down the street and write my post cards that needed to go out today. Frankly, I didn’t make it to the Starbucks in time to get the postcards in the post today. However, Tyler and I are going later and I will be filling out my posts :)
Ok, so tonight for dinner, there was mainly leftovers. But, leftovers consisted of very cheesy homemade mac and cheese and cheesy lasagna. Both really great foods!! But, I really did not feel like eating a ton of cheese for dinner tonight and not very much else. I also had left over guacamole, and we all know that this can spoil really fast even when there is lime juice on top! So, I decided to take the guac and do something with it.
I meandered into the cupboards and found bread. After this find, I turned around and opened the fridge behind me and found ranch dressing, spinach, my favorite sliced cheese, eggs, and grey poupon. I then started to assemble my very strange sandwich. I fried the eggs, but left no yolk.
I toasted the bread just enough to have it warm, but not browned. I put the cheese on the warm bread, layered that with a good helping of guacamole. then on the other slice of bread I put a thin coat of ranch, lots of spinach, drops of the grey poupon, fried eggs on top of that with a finish of pepper. I put the lesser weighed down slice on top of the egg slice and started to munch….
Frankly, for a crazy on the spot sandwich, it really wasn’t bad!!!
Again go to my page and check this out!  http://keshiastravels.wordpress.com/lettersfromtheworld/ I’m really looking forward to this setting into motion!!


Moved Journals

It's been a while since I posted in this blog because I have been blogging on my wordpress one as of late.

It's address is keshiastravels.wordpress.com if you choose to go and follow.

I am thinking of what to do with this one... because I can only do so much in on blog!!! Geez, I can't do my trip to Africa, post cards, recipes, life, and school stuff all in one blog... or can I?!

I have been pondering on the idea of making this blog my post card one... and recipe one. We shall see.. :)




So I wanted to let people know from here that my team leader told me this in regards to payment for the trip.
Hey Guys, my team leader Mr. Doug Collier left this comment on my last blog post update 

" Honest blogs are always refreshing to read. Thanks. The website is www.servethechildren.com. Let's have a matching funds contest- I will match the next 4 $25 donations to your trip if they come in before Wednesday"

Do you guys think you can help?!?!?!? PLease?!?!? I can even throw in some money, but I have  already paid for a good portion of it out of pocket. I can't afford anymore or Tyler and I will go without food.. I am really relying on God and everyone support around me.




Medical Supplies

So I received an email from the nurse who will be going on the missions trip to Monrovia, Liberia. Her and I will be able to go to the nursing school there, some clinics, and hopefully help out with immunizations for the kids. She gave me a list of things that we would need donated to us to take for the clinic and school to have. Here is the list
blood pressure cuffs including ped and large adult size
ant fungal cream
anti itch creams
hydrocortisone cream
ferrous sulfate
lots of dressing supplies of any kind
dressing tape
scrubs in good condition all sizes and colors
2010 drug books
dressing scissors
wound packing
newer nursing and medical texts (10 years old or less)
ted hose - will take any size but especially need larger sizes
chemcial cold and hot packs
wound disinfectants
I don't see that I have interested readers; but I am really hoping that more people would read and see what we need. I wish this could become a bigger thing and people could see there are things that we need. If you are reading and want to donate any of these things or give money for me to get these things, please let me know. My email address is keshia.witthuhn09@northwestu.edu 

Seriously some of these things are not that expensive! Like scrubs are not too bad, the creams, disenfectants, thermometers, scales, and some others are really not all that expensive. I still need to raise money for myself to go! Please help! 


Support Letter Rough Draft! Comment!!

Dear Friends,  
             I invite you to assist me in my journey to Liberia this summer. As stated in the brochure,  I will be there from June 18th to July 4th. The total cost for me to go is only $2700. The plane ticket alone is $2300, gas prices really sky rocketed our ticket price. I am not just attending this trip with seven other people to traipse and gallop all over Monrovia . As a team we will also be bringing books for the children, hopefully nursing books for the nursing school in Monrovia, , mosquito nets, and other miscellaneous items to give to the people who house and take care of us the entire time we are there. The financial support you send will go towards the $2700, my vaccines, and the malaria drugs I will need when I am over there. Any excess will be used to buy donations. I want to take over gloves, stethoscopes, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, and other nursing supplies that the clinics and school in Monrovia are without. I will be working a lot in the clinics, and from what I have heard from past trips the clinics never have enough supplies. Can you also help me in donating to getting the Liberians a better means for sanitary healthcare?
            I not only need assistance financially, I also need it spiritually. In Liberia I will receive great hospitality from people who have much less than I do. This is going to be overwhelming for me. I do not want to take up their resources more than I have to and I would prefer to restore their resources while I am there. These people are going to touch my life the same, if not more, than I will ever hope to touch theirs. I would admonish you to start praying for myself and the seven other team members now and during our trip. Pray for the people of Liberia as well, they are in a country that has war, no civil structure, and are in intense poverty.
            If you want to send financial support the checks can be made out to myself. If you do not  feel comfortable with that, let me know and I will find another way for you to send financial support that is directly to the Serve the Children that can be put on my account. If you want to get boxes of gloves, children’s books, stethoscopes, bottles of hand sanitizer, wipes, or anything else you feel these people could use, please send that as well.   Also, please remember in your daily prayers to pray for myself, the team going, and the Liberians.
                                                                                    Thank you,



:) I have been accepted! WOOT! Okay, now comes all the actual work. I have to update my passport, get my visa, get two more shots, see if my health insurance covers me while I am over there, send out support letters, write the support letter first, talk to my Dad's boss and see if he will support me, raise money, make a paypal and facebook group, have a new blog entirely for updates about Africa, get ready to go, take six classes of language and culture training, read two books, and finish a packet for the mission trip.... on top of doing all my nursing stuff! It's going to be busy, but it's going to be good.

Where Tyler has been getting up at 5:30 in the mornings, I have been getting up and just going to the gym and walking for about a half hour or so. It's not a really intense workout, just walking on the treadmill, uphill, at a good speed for about two miles :) Then later Tyler and I go do a real workout. It's been nice, I get up and get things done.

I have a long weekend, I am thankful for them and not at the same time. It is hard to organize your time when your time is just this open.

Alright, I just wanted to update with that. :) I need to get back to doing my homework, I am going to start working on a study guide since my clinical paperwork is FINALLY done :( Have fun guys! I will keep all you up to date!