Support Letter Rough Draft! Comment!!

Dear Friends,  
             I invite you to assist me in my journey to Liberia this summer. As stated in the brochure,  I will be there from June 18th to July 4th. The total cost for me to go is only $2700. The plane ticket alone is $2300, gas prices really sky rocketed our ticket price. I am not just attending this trip with seven other people to traipse and gallop all over Monrovia . As a team we will also be bringing books for the children, hopefully nursing books for the nursing school in Monrovia, , mosquito nets, and other miscellaneous items to give to the people who house and take care of us the entire time we are there. The financial support you send will go towards the $2700, my vaccines, and the malaria drugs I will need when I am over there. Any excess will be used to buy donations. I want to take over gloves, stethoscopes, hand sanitizer, hand wipes, and other nursing supplies that the clinics and school in Monrovia are without. I will be working a lot in the clinics, and from what I have heard from past trips the clinics never have enough supplies. Can you also help me in donating to getting the Liberians a better means for sanitary healthcare?
            I not only need assistance financially, I also need it spiritually. In Liberia I will receive great hospitality from people who have much less than I do. This is going to be overwhelming for me. I do not want to take up their resources more than I have to and I would prefer to restore their resources while I am there. These people are going to touch my life the same, if not more, than I will ever hope to touch theirs. I would admonish you to start praying for myself and the seven other team members now and during our trip. Pray for the people of Liberia as well, they are in a country that has war, no civil structure, and are in intense poverty.
            If you want to send financial support the checks can be made out to myself. If you do not  feel comfortable with that, let me know and I will find another way for you to send financial support that is directly to the Serve the Children that can be put on my account. If you want to get boxes of gloves, children’s books, stethoscopes, bottles of hand sanitizer, wipes, or anything else you feel these people could use, please send that as well.   Also, please remember in your daily prayers to pray for myself, the team going, and the Liberians.
                                                                                    Thank you,

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