Postcards and guacamole sandwiches

Alright, so today has been a longish/short day all at the same time. I didn’t get to sleep until about 5 this morning, woke up around 1030 and just putted around the apartment for a bit. I got all my post cards organized to send out here shortly. I was going to go to the Starbucks down the street and write my post cards that needed to go out today. Frankly, I didn’t make it to the Starbucks in time to get the postcards in the post today. However, Tyler and I are going later and I will be filling out my posts :)
Ok, so tonight for dinner, there was mainly leftovers. But, leftovers consisted of very cheesy homemade mac and cheese and cheesy lasagna. Both really great foods!! But, I really did not feel like eating a ton of cheese for dinner tonight and not very much else. I also had left over guacamole, and we all know that this can spoil really fast even when there is lime juice on top! So, I decided to take the guac and do something with it.
I meandered into the cupboards and found bread. After this find, I turned around and opened the fridge behind me and found ranch dressing, spinach, my favorite sliced cheese, eggs, and grey poupon. I then started to assemble my very strange sandwich. I fried the eggs, but left no yolk.
I toasted the bread just enough to have it warm, but not browned. I put the cheese on the warm bread, layered that with a good helping of guacamole. then on the other slice of bread I put a thin coat of ranch, lots of spinach, drops of the grey poupon, fried eggs on top of that with a finish of pepper. I put the lesser weighed down slice on top of the egg slice and started to munch….
Frankly, for a crazy on the spot sandwich, it really wasn’t bad!!!
Again go to my page and check this out!  http://keshiastravels.wordpress.com/lettersfromtheworld/ I’m really looking forward to this setting into motion!!

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