Tweaked my "Write Me Your Secrets" project.

I now am going to plainly call it Letters from the World. Because I would love to receive letters from anyone around the world.  Here is the updated explaination portion. Anyone have suggestions?


The idea of this project is to have letters from all over the world. These letters will then be scanned and loaded onto my blog for other people to view. You can write about anything, but here are some ideas
  • You can write secrets that you can’t tell to anyone else
  • About things that are bothering you
  • Why you are the way you are
  • What you wish people would understand
  • Who brings you most hope in life
  • What you want to tell the people of this world
  • Or anything else that is on your mind.
I want to read whatever it is you write. It does not matter if I know you or if I don’t. You can write me.
How to do it?
  • In letter form, hand written or typed. Hand written is better :) But if your hand writing is atrocious, maybe you should type it.
  • On a postcard
Don’t know how to write an address on an envelope?
Here is a picture as well :) However, you can leave out  your name and address if you want to ; I don’t need to know that if you don’t want to share . If you are mailing from the U.S. the Forever stamp is perfect for letters.
  • Cost for postage right  now in the U.S. is: $.44 for a letter and $.29 for a post card.
  • What to put in the Recipient’s place
    • Keshia A N Witthuhn
      5325 113th Place NE Apt#4
      Kirkland WA 98033
      United States of America (<–use this only if you’re mailing from outside the U.S.)
    Feel free to write me, I will read anything and everything. Even if you can’t write in English, write me. Maybe I can translate it somehow!!
    As I receive letters and postcards I will upload them so the senders will know I received it. If you do not want me to upload it, let me know in your letter/postcard. I will honor your wishes. However, not everyone should do this! I want each of you to be involved, and letting you see the letters that I have received will be one way to do that.  :)
    Thanks everyone!
Here is the link to my wordpress page.: http://keshiastravels.wordpress.com/lettersfromtheworld/

this is also the home of my actual blog. 

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