The Ferry

Yesterday, tweaked my neck as Tyler said goodbye at 0630 to head to work... Stupid neck (still hurts today too). Felt better after sleep of course since it wasn't holding my heavy noggin up. I have been seriously doing homework all day. I have finished quite a bit too. I am now going to watch  a movie and do my last biopsych movie guide. I was going to do it on Born On the Fourth of July, but seriously, that movie was horrible! And I couldn't really get the movie guide done. So, I am going to do it on Shine instead. This calls for more pain killers first and foremost..

OK, the ferry. I went to Bremerton yesterday to meet with Chad about the mission trip to Sierra Leone. To be honest, it sounds promising. I have a lot more work to do, on top of being in the nursing program, but I have faith I will be able to get it all done.

 Man, I have done a ton of homework today!
I have also realized, that nursing school makes one much fatter than they would like. And having a gym that is only open at certain times during t he day is HIGHLY annoying! Because I would like to go now... but I can't. I can go at 5 when I would rather be making dinner! Oh well. We need to do laundry really bad, like blankets, towels, and clothes. I am in dire need of a pillow case washing... I think my face is breaking out a little bit because I have not changed my pillow cases in over a week. :( I change them once a week because of face ick.

Ok, going to go make good food to eat for lunch/snack for gym. AND take more pain killers.

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