Too long since a post

Aight, it's been much too long for me to have not posted. ... sigh. Oh well, let me catch you up... not that you need to be caught up on too much. Clinicals have been going fine. I have had two really great patients the last two week :) Both very pleasant and kind.

I have found a missions trip to go to Africa this summer for two months. It would be at Sierra Leone, I think in Freetown?? But basically it is through Children of the Nations. They are working with a church in the area and are sending a group of people on this trip. I have to take some classes but basically I have to learn the foriegn language there, Krio. I'm super excited to learn the language, raise the money, and be in Africa for two months. It is a little pricey, but seriously, what missions trips aren't anymore. It is going to cost Tyler and I $8100, we are seriously hoping for a lot of support. All of my babysitting money will be going to the trip and I will be writing up and sending out support letters here in the next couple weeks. I still have to apply for the trip, which I will be doing today since they just sent me the application :) It is a one page application with basically essay questions. This should be fun.

Tyler's job hunt has not been going so well. :( He applied for one job 3Form, had two amazing interviews, then they did not call him back. ... It was a very depressing day, but we just keep moving forward which sucks when we were really excited about that job. He went and interviewed for another job today, which seems to be ran by a tightwad who did not want to pay Tyler the entrance level salary for an engineer with his degree. Well, that is fine by me, I suppose. That means Tyler's last resort, Home Depot, is where he will be working for a while til we can find something more appropriate for his level of skill. It's upsetting but hopefully somewhere there is something for him that is not Home Depot, but we need to pay the bills...

With all this happening with Tyler's work, I am afraid I may not get to go to Africa this summer. But I believe that God can work in wonderous ways.... or I just won't go aye?

I'm tired, I skipped chapel, I think it is time for me to go read my homework and finish up today's assignments. I have a lot to get done today.... and I have a lot of praying to do... more like, I will be fussing at God a bit because I have no idea what he is doing with our lives right now and frankly I am not fond of what is going on in it. I feel that Tyler deserves a better job. So whats with this NOT FINDING A JOB! What's with this, danging Africa right in my face and then making me feel like it will just get ripped away  like so many times before! I am done with this life where I can't do what I would love to do... What I would love to do is go to Africa, deal with malaria and other sickiness, and help out people who would love it. I want to play with the kids there, the adults, I want to hear their stories. I want to go. I don't want to live a fantastical life, I'm not asking to be a famous missionary or super hero!! I JUST WANT TO GO! I want that more than I want children.

You guys enjoy your day. I start at the psychiatric facility this week on Wednesday, so I hope I can have some stories to tell that are not too in depth... since I don't want to break HIPPA.


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