Battle Plan

1. Cut the sugar
2. Only eat Breakfast lunch and dinner....
          - and if there are snacks in between only have fruit
3. Cut the cheese
          - I love cheese, but I really should not be having it because I am allergic to milk
4. Give myself smaller portions.
          - When I load up a plate, put half of it back
5. Be Confident!

               Increase Activity
               Decrease Calories
I already work out quite a bit. 
I feel like I need to be more active about it though. 
I have let people who come with me distract me and pull me down from what I usually do.
Instead of just encouraging them with me. 
I need to be intensive. 

I need to get:
Dandelion leaf tea
Green Tea
Apple Cider Vinegar
Peppermint oil (and selfishly maybe some Lavender too)

Maybe, just maybe. This will work. 

I have the will power. 
I can do this.
I just need support and accountability. 
I lack support.
I believe people just do  not know how to support me. 


  1. Maybe I would distract you in the gym, If it wasn't the only chance I had to talk to you.

  2. I am not saying going with you, or other people I know is a bad thing... it's just making me slack off on what I know I need to do.

  3. What does Dandelion leaf tea do? I know I've heard of it, but just curious. I'm drinking red raspberry leaf tea now (which does NOT taste like raspberries) for toning the uterus. Sometimes I mix a little dried mint or chamomile with it.
    A cup of tea between meals can sometimes feel like you're eating something and it's nice in the wintertime. :)

  4. Apparently, dandelion leaf tea decreases appetie, cleans the intestines and digestive system, but some sources say it increases appetite. I think that can only be found out if studied by meself on myself :) Hahahaha