Moving Journals

Well, hello first post.

I have a livejournal, but I have a friend who has a blogspot instead. I feel like more people might read blogspot... maybe.
A journal is fun, but it's more fun when people read it. I won't broadcast that it exists...but maybe some people will find my life interesting... or something. Meh. We will see...

By the way, tomorrow will be my 91st day in the nursing program :)
Today, is the last day I will have to say goodbye to my husband as he travels across the state to live in his apartment with three other boys. In three weeks, I will get to see him again. My dad and I will be going to Pullman for Tyler's graduation, and for Tyler and I to stay at his parents hour with his mother while the rest of his family is at a ski retreat. We will be there for Christmas then coming home to Kirkland.

This is my last FULL week of classes.
Then DEAD week! (with ATI test)
After that FINALS!
AFTER THAT!! Going to Pullman to see TYLER :)

Alright.... it is time for bed for me... wow. 11:04! Can't believe it! I have to get up at six to do homework! 

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