The Title is way cooler than this post will be.
I had to come home today because I was feeling rather icky during our Fundamentals class. I am now going to get a lot of homework done prospectively. ... First, I will finish my VCE (virtual clinical excursion) that is due on Tuesday, then I will work on my reading I have to do for my final in two weeks and two days. I also need to start studying for my ATI test next Wednesday. Basically, I need to get on the ball with things. I am losing my motivation and I need it to come back! I have been barely holding onto it lately.

At the moment, I am fixing myself a fresh pot of coffee! I am excited for eggnog, nesquick, coffee :) I know, SO FLUFFED UP! But I don't care it is going to be great! Then I will get on homework. I believe sleep will not be a close friend this week, but lack of will.

Already, just having this started, is going to help me keep my thoughts organized and maybe help with the fact I feel so lost in my profession I have chosen. I don't know why I am going to be a nurse, but apparently I am (since I am in the program).....


  1. coffee sounds good, but why ruin it with eggnog?

  2. It was by no means ruined... it made it delicious. I love eggnog! And just cause you don't does not mean you can be a judgmental bafoon.