Today is...... 126!

Well, tomorrow is my first day of clinicals this semester. Last week was just orientation and shadowing the nurse/s. Tomorrow, going to the hospital around 1030 and I get done at 2230... Ug. Such a long day. But I am kinda looking forward to it. I mean, hours of paperwork, learning and new discoveries! I am not really enjoying this semester, so I am hoping it will turn around. I only have two weeks at my medsurg rotation then on Feb 9th I am off to the psychiatric hospital! Now, that should be interesting.

I just got done with a lot of my study guide for my Adult health exam next week. ... I am satisfied with it. I did not type it up this time like I did last semester. Why? I really don't know. I think I found it more convenient to go to Starbucks with my paper, pen, and books than lug the computer everywhere.

Tyler is watching Hot Fuzz. =) It is a lot of fun to watch while studying because it is something that is easy to ignore and makes a good background noise. Now, it is very close to bedtime... then up and gettin to gym?? maybe... depends on if I want to! I have a long day, might not want to make it longer!

Tyler got me some beautiful flowers, gerber daisies! Love them some much.... well, those type of flowers that is. I love working with something colourful next to me. I also love having the candles lit. It just adds something, I don't know what, but it does definitely add something.

Ok, bedtime. Sigh, bed time.......then clinicals!! YAY!.... My moods are going to change about these clinicals, I can tell.

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