Clinicals and Weekend.

Alright, so this past Friday I shadowed a nurse at our new rotation. Basically, I am not enjoying nursing. MedSurg is just not where I find interest most likely. So, I may not necessarily dislike nursing, I just dislike medsurg. For some reason helping people after a surgery or during a acute renal failure, is just NOT fun.... they are grouchy, jerks, and overall unpleasant. I kept a few notes on my first day, so I will do my best to write about it without breaking any HIPPA laws, which is really easy if you don't mention names or diagnosis I do believe. I will just write overalls and I am not even mentioning what floor or place I was at. So I feel that is really vague but can still be direct about what I want to talk about.

The nurse I had on Friday was a quieter nurse. She did not talk to me much, explain what she was doing, or seem to have a general life for her job. Thats ok, she did a good job at what she did. She was really on top of all her patient's needs and knew a lot about telemetry. She seemed to be patient... or just not care about stuff. She had four patients to care for. Three of her four patients were grouchy and generally unpleasant to deal with. I could see that on her face. Her one patient that was sweet, polite, and respectful could not even speak English! But they were so considerate, we had a interpretor and the communication between patient and nurse was AMAZING even with that hiccup. I did, however, get to see an IV put in :) That made my night!! I got to watch the nurse attempt it first, then watch the IV nurse do it. The first nurse got it in, but she hit a valve in the vein so it bruised and was very painful for the patient. She did not want to poke the patient again, so she called IV therapy and they came up to do it again. First try and IV therapy got it in :)

I am excited to get my patient next week, just so I have something to do. I can try to keep my knowledge fresh, work on my physical assessment skills and all that jazz. I am interested in learning about knew pathologies and knew cures and surgeries. But overall, I am thinking of finishing up this semester and seeing where to go from here. Oddly enough, I am thinking of looking into premed at UDub. Yea Yea Yea, I am going to be in school til I am 30, but whatever. I don't know what I want to do with my life. But I am going to keep trying to find things I enjoy as opposed to sitting in stuff I don't enjoy and hating life. Either way, I need to do some sort of over sea trip at some point in life.... like next summer!! AH!

I am applying for a job and lookin for jobs in hospitals. But where do I start?? I just don't know how to get in there and do work. I was thinking of applying as a transporter. I feel that could be lots of fun and you meet all sorts of different people in that position. I am going to keep looking at it. I also applied back to Starbucks for even something temporary, just in the mornings before classes. From like 4:30 to 8:30. :) I want to do something with my mornings and I feel like I am wasting a lot of time doing other things.

My biggest weakness is I am smart. (yes I know, cocky). But I am. And because I learn fast and I am smart, I know I can waste a certain amount of time. So, if I start disciplining my time with work I will start NOT wasting time doing other things like watching TV...... sigh. Ok... back to some studying before the gym opens.

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