Great Wolf Lodge

So, Tyler and I have been at Great Wolf Lodge today and a little yesterday! Yesterday we took a long trip around Washington to see Kyle Thelander. Our trip was suppose to include seeing Mt. Rainier as well; however,  loverly Washington decided that clouds were in order and seeing the mountain was a no no. .. However, Tyler and I had tons of fun driving around and finding stuff. We came to GWL around 6ish, got our room and hit the waterpark they have here! Ok, so seriously, my only complaint about the waterpark... WATER TOO COLD! Seriously. Turn up the heat in the building like 5 more degrees, I realize they keep it at 82 or something like that in the water park, but I would seriously love it just a bit hotter! Tyler and I didn't do the big rides last night. Just hung out for a bit then came back to our room and played a riveting game of cribbage... twice. And I dominated him. Then we decided to play some Skip Bo and watch MythBusters.

Today! We decided to play Magiquest! Soooo fun!! Eheehehehehe! It is a video game, you have wands, and you DON'T just sit down! So, you play on five floors of the building! So, up and down the stairs over and over and over and over!! AHHAAH! I loved it! But we didn't do Magiquest first, FIRST we of course went to the water park before I showered :) We decided to wait to ride the awesome big rides for tonight... when it's dark and the lights are on and going CRAZY! EHEHEHEHEH!

Then we came back, went to eat lunch, then got wands for Magiquest! We played this for HOURS!! Then went to the Arcade, came back to the room and challenged each other at more Skip-bo... I won best two out of three... Tyler whooped my butt later at air hockey! SO FREAKIN ANGRY! I am the tramp at air hockey usually, but NOOOOOOO Tyler has to go and WIN on me! He won best 2 out of 3.... grrr...

We then came back to the room to eat eat eat eat... cause we were HUNGRY! So, pizza and salad!! I love the salad... love it love it love it. Tyler and I then played some more games and then went back to the water park and rode that Tornado thing... seriously Tyler was a jerk face and let me face backwards.... seriously, I went backwards down the tube... IN THE DARK!!! Yea, I screamed! Totally did, all Tyler saw was the lights... below us and was worried about me... awwww.. such a cutie!

Anyway, we came back to the apartment, dressed and went out questing. Tyler is guilty now for spending so much of my dads money on the credit card.... it was a gift! But yea, I seriously do not think we have spent as much as Tyler thinks we have. ... but, he is right... no more spending! We have spent enough and have enough leftovers for two or three days now from that pizza, my subway, and lunch this afternoon. Having me around, someone who does not eat that much, surely adds up on the left overs.

Ok, we are watching Whose Line Is It Anyway....... Tyler is just laughing so hard!

Aight, night!  Sadly, we go home tomorrow :( and Mister Kyle will be staying at our house!! SLEEP OVER!!!! So much fun! Bahahahaha!!! Sadly, we will have to share our leftovers! YAY!
OK!. Laters

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