Day 111 and New Years Resolutions

Well today was our long day... 7.5 hours of freakin classes... with our 40 minute lunch break... jeez. So much disdain will be in store for Tuesdays. Classes seem fine. I'm wiped though. I don't know why... but guess what! I am. I will most likely go to bed early tonight. Hopefully right after this blog. Anyway, I have come up with a list of 7 resolutions. I don't usually do these things.. but might as well!

1.) Discover My Super Power

  •  I feel that this is the most important resolution I can have in my life. My super power may help me with    every other resolution I have! Thus discovering it is very important! 
2.) Pass My Second Semester of Nursing School
  • This is of course my second goal. Because if I do not pass the second semester I can't move onto the third and fourth! 
3.) Re-assemble the Penguin Army
  • my life has gone too far long without my dear penguin army in it. The world is just a better place when the penguin army is monitoring the baddies. 
4.) Blog at Least Two Times a Week
  • this is just for me. It is something to help watch how my clinicals are going, what is going on in my head, and what has been happening. I hope to improve my blogging skillzzz. I know I may  not be the best blogger, but I am trying! More people just need to read it. ... advertising.... hmmmm
5.) Up the Creeper
  • for two reasons. 1. I need more down time to just creep on someone. Life is sooooo serious with the nursing program, so I need something that is not completely serious. 2. People could use it. 
6.) Develop my own safety dance! 
7.) Treat Everyday As Thought it is a Quest
  • this will help my days not seem so boring and drab. If I can find something to make into a quest from day to day maybe  the homework load and life load won't be as overwhelming. :) 

See, resolutions are that scary!! Especially when you keep them realistic ;) 

G'night to you all... I'm heading to bed at 8:36! 


  1. I don't know...I'm sceered of them resolutions. But hope you can keep up with yours.

  2. What would you like your super power to be?

  3. I don't know! Like I said, I have to discover it!