Orientation I

Ok, so today was orientation at a certain mental hospital in the Seattle area. Needless to say, I am quite excited to start my rotation there in February. Just sitting in the orientation as the head personel were explaining what happens on what unit and how each unit is different I couldn't help but be completely interested. I found I am most interested in the unit that holds the patients who are more psychotic, experiencing visions and hearing voices. That floor really interests me. I am not that interested in detox or the other floors that have more mentally stable patients. Also, during orientation the Dr. there gave us a very important tip that us nursing students are expected to do during our rotation at this facility. We are to " Just be open to every even that happens. Have a desire to learn from everything".

Sadly, I have to report to you I had thoughts I most likely should not have while being there. But during orientation I couldn't help but keep thinking I was going to basically going to be in a zoo with signs all over the place that say , "Do not feed the animals". Because we are not allowed to really give into anything that the patients are doing. But also, each circumstance is different. I know that sounds cold, but believe me there is much more to it that I can not mentally explain at this point. I'm wiped, I have to get up early tomorrow just like I did today, so I am wanting to hit the bed early :( But with our patients at the hospital, there mental psyche is fragile. Sometimes we should let them have one of their episodes and other times we should not. When this happens is seriously up to the doctors and more experienced personel on the floors... not me.

Ok, bed time. night! Hopefully I can tell you that I succeeded in my clinical checkouts after my orientation tomorrow. IV piggybacking, infusion, and drip rates! Right after 6 hours of orientation... so... exciting... YAY! Its ok. Just take it one week/day at a time and it feels like everyday is a success and everyday is unique with its own questing to get taken care of. :)

When I pass my check outs tomorrow, it is like one more quest is complete on my path to being a RN :)

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  1. Bah, I was rereading this. Some misspelling errors... one I found.. there to their for mental psyche... yea, I was really falling asleep at the computer last night.. geez.