My year of 2010

Well, I decided since today is New years celebration day that I should write about 2010. Since my mind works best chronologically I will start with January of course! That was last semester for me, and "last year". This type of thinking happens when you work in semesters.
I most likely just came back from spending all of my break with Tyler and his family. After this break, Tyler and I really knew we wanted to get married. we just worked so well with each other. I think we were on the ski retreat for New Years day. Anyway, January school started, Tyler had his 21st birthday.
Tyler and I went to see Bon Jovi! YEA! It was awesome, until that drunk person behind us puked up everything in their system and smelled up the entire place! ICK! I don't think else happened in Feb. ..
Honestly, I don't remember much from March. Tyler and I were still long distance, it was harder this semester than last semester too. He came over here a lot more and he didn't have a car of his own for a few months. We would often go a few weeks without seeing one another and getting time to talk to each other was getting tougher and tougher. I had picked up a second job because I was sinking financially.
This month was close to our toughest. Tyler's parents weren't really on board with him and I getting married. We knew it was what our next step had to be. He did propose this month. Of course I said yes. But we did not want his parents not ok with our marriage. We were wrestling with when to get married. He was going to graduate in December. We could get married this summer, during December break this year, or wait til next summer. Logically we both knew we should wait til December, my spring break, or summer break in the year of 2011. But both of us knew in our hearts that we were suppose to get married this summer. Logically, does not make sense, but we felt God urging us to get married then. So, we started planning for it. 
My birthday, turned 23 :) YEA! I love odd numbers. I passed all my classes, was accepted into the nursing program at Northwest and moved out of the dorms with Tyler's help. We moved all my stuff to my parents house. Organized everything, got rid of things. Tyler went over for his summer class and then I drove over a few days later with my stuff for the summer and Korkie. We were going to spend the summer living in Tyler's parents basement. Korkie and I that is. Tyler had his own apartment out in Pullman, 30 minutesish away from Palouse. I believe my mother and dad also put one of our dogs down this month, Ginger. She had a yeast that was just eating away her skin and we could no longer keep her alive when we found her tail eaten completely away on the outside. My mother had done all she could do with medicines and diets.... there was only one more option. Ginger was in full blown pain and my mother did not want her to go through that. 
June, I was in Palouse still and we took a trip to Virginia Beach and Washington DC with Tyler's family. Rachel, Erin, Emily, Tyler, Keshia, Dad, and Mom. ALl seven of us. It was a pretty fantastic trip. Lots of fun many things seen. Really hot, and when it was over I think we were all ready for it to be over. I think the bridal shower was at the end of June after we got back. This is also when I picked up my dress. 
So July. We celebrated the fourth with my family, had a fun party. I believe I spent the month half with Tyler's family and half with my own. His mom found an amazing seamstress to fix my dress up because the place I got it from wanted to charge 120 bucks just to adjust it. I said NO WAY. And found a lady I paid maybe 40 bucks to do it. She was so sweet too and the dress looked amazing. I moved back to Kirkland to move into the apartment on Monday. Tyler came over on Tuesday with Joe. Him and Joe helped put our kitchen table together. Anyway, the wedding was on Friday. I don't remember much of this week to be honest. It was stressful, I did not poop for three days, and I wanted to wedding over with so I could be married to my best friend! 
Anyway, wedding went great and well. It was at my parents house and it was GORGEOUS there. Such a great day for a wedding. When the wedding was over, Tyler and I came back to our apartment, got out of our dress up clothes and put some freakin sweats on. I had been in that dress for 8 hours. I was sick of it. We went and got Teriyaki madness and watched movies for the rest of the night til we went to bed. It was a relief to finally have the wedding over with. The biggest thing in our lives next were all the gifts, thank you notes, and t hen..... the next semester apart. 
Honeymoon to the Red Wood forest. So most people think lots of SEX happen on a honeymooon, well, not when you're on your period... just an FYI =P 
Completely inappropriate but .... not too much! Basically Tyler and I lived together for three weeks and then we started school. ... He went to Pullman and I stayed here in Kirkland! Basically thats all that happened between now and December. 
September - December
Lots of school, lots and lots and lots. Tyler came over every weekend he could, which was often. There were some weekends he could not come over but it was not terrible by any means. I started clinicals in October, which I blogged about as much I could when I started blogging. 

I feel as if I do not need to talk about too much of these months given I blogged during enough of these months about multiple things. 

Anyway, I feel like it is time, new year will be here shortly.... It is not like people really read this much enough to really want to know what I did during certain months. 

Tyler and I started doing a work out video together :) I am enjoying it.... the gym is closed while the school is closed, something I am not too fond of so I make it work by doing videos for work out. I am glad Tyler is ok with going along with things that I do. It's nice being married to someone that just doesn't care! Because he is sooo willing to just do things and learn new things. ...

Ok, Tyler is watching the ATeam, I have decided that it is now to start going to bed. ... ... possibly. 

Ok everyone. Enjoy the NEW YEAR! 2011... and I just got used to writing 2010. ... I like 2011 though, it is an odd number! I love odd numbers. They are the best! 

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