Back From Pullman

Well, I am back from Pullman. That is why I did not blog at all for almost two weeks. Nobody reads this much anyway, so it is completely ok.

Anyway, it is the second week of break. Not sure I am enjoying it or not enjoying it. ... hmmm. Tyler and I are cleaning and getting things organized. ... it has turned into something really really fun. Hahaha, more goodwills runs in our future.

*many hours later after we finished all the organization*
Ok, so we took my ELECTRONIC labeler back.... and got the embossing one!!!! BAH!! So freakin excited. I labeled our pantry items such as flour, sugar, baking powder, granola, ... etc.. You know, those items you put into plasticware.... ... ok, anyway, I labeled them in Swahili and Latin... yea, Tyler got kinda annoyed but I do not think he will care too much since he is not the one cooking.. ever.

After all that got done, I read all our Christmas cards and am thinking about writing up Tyler's and I's first annual ever newsletter for how our life is going... but we really don't want to send it around Christmas time. We are thinking of sending it in March or April.... Don't really know yet but I really want to do it for those people who actually care.

Alright, lets move forward a couple of hours... meaning, half an hour... and Tyler and I finally sat down to eat our cold teriyaki left over dinner and watch some Star Wars. We watched about half an hour and someone had to get up and do something... Actually that same person got a bright idea to reorganize the bookshelf and label it! The other person was all for this idea, he actually liked it! Finally supporting my obsessions! .... in five minutes Tyler was ripping the books out of the bookshelf! Reorganizing that bookshelf went soo fast with two people working on it! I will now get my awesome Dymo Embossing labeler and label that bookshelves sections.

Also, one of our friends sisters... ok, her name is Stacie and she is pretty legit, suggested labeling all our cuppards with actual names..... sooooo I LOVED that idea. That way when I tell Tyler where things go all our cabinets have names! I could tell him this, " The bread goes in Jorhei." And in this he will be able to put the bread in the RIGHT place! Oh man! So many possibilities!

Tyler's sister Emily got me glow-in-the-dark stars for Christmas. I have to put those up all over the bed room. :) Tyler is totally ok with this too! I feel like Tyler really does not have his own opinions about how things should go, so how I want it to go just happens to be the way it is. His arguement is "You have amazing ideas... I don't" But when he does have an idea, don't worry, we go with it. He has had some really good ones too. He wanted to keep some things to use as bookends, and guess what... WE USED THEM! Pretty awesome.

I also finishes Elyse's, Jessica's, and Leigh's presents today. Now I have to finish my parents presents. Yes, I am late for Christmas, but seriously, I was not home all this time! Then I had to get this house fixed! So, presents are in the works. Plus, not many people are here anyway! May get together with Leigh while she is up in Blaine.

First, Tyler needs to get a job. He has a possible hope... but yea, we don't know... but he really needs one. Because we need to pay bills and such.

I am going to go now and Tyler and I are going to finish watching Star Wars as I name and label cabinets and make the labels for our bookshelf.


  1. When I had a house with a roommate [with a kid] I labeled EVERYTHING! He used to get so annoyed by it, but I labeled his groceries, my groceries... his shelf in the pantry and mine... I even made a calender with meal schedule on the wall all pretty like... lets just say, my label maker mysteriously busted into tiny pieces thrown about the house... tragic. Haven't labeled since. But I will once I get a new apartment. :) Organization is key in life my friend. <3

  2. Hahaha, I have the embossing one. It is really inexpensive and AMAZING! I like to organize but I'm seriously not a freak about it. Hahahahaha. Though nobody believes me!