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*rips hair out*......wait.... i already cut it all off....... this always happens during this time of the year. 

Ok, well on a more serious note! I am currently at Starbucks with the love of my life (one of them at least) Ms. Lindsay!  I finished all of my clinical paperwork, all of my Pharmacology homework, my questions for my board game, and my health Assessment quiz(really hard this time around).....and I am now pondering what to do next. I really need to study for my ATI test that is up and coming on this Wednesday. I also need to get a HUGE portion of my study guides done!!! OMG!

Ok, well all that being said, I am first going to take a small break and update, whoever the heck even reads this, you on my life as a nursing student!
Today is day 96!!!!!!!! Ok, I think that is awesome personally.

We finished our last day at our clinical sites on Friday! I had the best day on my last day! This is polar opposite from my experience at the long term care facility. The last week was just slow and horrible. The only thing my pt did was sleep!!! That just does not do!

Anyway, I got to see a PICC line put in! I found a calling in life right there! Needles and blood were involved... so I was really happy!  Here is a link for you guys who are interested in knowing what I saw. PICC LINE VIDEO!

The procedure I saw was a lot more worried about the sterile field. I even got to help set that up and drop supplies onto the sterile field with the charge nurse. The nurse that was performing the procedure had  me hold the bottle of local anesthetic for her when she had to draw it out with the needle! Basically, I had a really good day on Friday. I got to administer medications two times! Once at 5 and once at 9, then was bustling busy with my pt all day!

Now, yesterday (Saturday) was super busy crazy full of homework. My pt had 30 medications I had to research and look up, plus her diagnoses, treatments, a care plan, and then to top it off the daily record that I had to keep. I also got to watch two amazing children last night from 6pm to 1am. The kids and I played together for a couple hours, then around 7:15 we read books :) During the fourth book, Maguire fell asleep on me. :) I finished reading the book with Penelope, since she was still very awake and then her and I finished tucking her brother in and went to her room to finish reading two more books for her :) She then went to bed and fell asleep very swiftly :)
I then did 6 chapters in my pharmacology book and finished all my paperwork. :)

Today I got a lot more homework done! Thanks to Lindsay, she helped keep  me motivated! I have to finish studying for my drug quiz I have to take tomorrow. I also need to write down, again, what I was going to say for my nurse interview.... I still don't know what the final is going to be like in that class.

Right now stickie notes are saving my life.... lists lists lists.... I have yet to even eat today! Other than a pumpkin scone, which fyi, was REALLY TASTY! I have also had more coffee than I think my body can, or even should, handle.

Anyway, I am going to go for now and work on my study guide now for my Health Assessment quiz, then go by the Market and pick up some small groceries before heading back  home to then go to the gym!!!

Hope this was an ok read... i tried to make it a little more personable... instead of a daily to do list of my life!

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