Well, the first semester of the first year of nursing program is officially over. I took my last final 24hours ago. And here I am! Still at my house. Today is full of laundry, cleaning. getting some shopping factors to make gifts for some people. Do I know what to even get Tyler? No. Jerkface keeps saying he does not want anything. ... JERK FACE.

Anyway. I have to pack up today to leave tomorrow. But, organizing my house today so it is clean when we get back, cleaning up the fridge because there is food in it that may go bad before I get back, doing laundry, fixing gifts, but overall I am getting stuff ready and packed and organized for leaving tomorrow REALLY FREAKIN EARLY! With my dad :) To go over the mountains and across the state.

I am super excited to drive five hours or so with my dad and Korkie :) I miss my lovely puppy.
Look at that face!! GAH! SO excited to see my DOG! I get to spend over a week with that amazing creature! 

So, it is 9 am. I am going to get dressed and take my shopping list to Freddies and get this stuff taken care of. :) I have yet to shower because I still need to go to the gym at some point today, I am thinking around 11 I will do that :) I gotta eat something first and drink lots of WATER! 

Ok, so.
Today, last day here! I am really super excited to start reading my school books again for next semester though, not gonna lie. I always feels useless and lifeless after school is over. I have no schedule, nothing to study, and nothing to get done. In light of this, I make a schedule up. 
830: Get out of bed.
900: shower
905: dry off
907: have a naked dance party
930: fix breakfast
945: get dressed
1030: clean something
1200: have lunch
130: play with the squirrels
245: color and watch a movie
300: ponder what to do
400: eat a banana to go to the gym, drink water
500: go to the gym
630: get home from gym
700: fix cookies and dinner
     now what do I do???? 

Hahahaha, yea, thats my life without school!! 

Ok, gotta go! I need to leave by 930 for the store!  The above schedule is not todays schedule :)

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