Day 104

So, this is the last week of the first semester!! I have finals to take care of! But I am super stoked to get working on those!

I am off to see my parents today (and my dog)..... I mainly go to see Korkie and Dad then try to avoid making cards with Mum... hahaha. I have a friend that would love to come up and make cards with my mother, but she . lives in a different state.

So Jessica came over last night :) I seriously love her. Quickly that woman is becoming a close friend. I just know she will not forget to talk to me like ms. Lindsay face! Hahah, I'm jsut teasing Linds... :)

Last night I was done doing a study guide and working on another one so I decided to take a break. I did this at 10 o'clock and watched Lilo and Stitch and started to color. I texted Jessica and told her she should come over! She did... :) Said she would only stay for half an hour... ended up staying for TWO! Hehehehehe. We had good conversation, I learned about her she learned about me. She is a very understanding person and see's the best in people, plus very trusting. I am very excited to have her in my classes. I wish there was someway I could help her study for our classes!

Anyway, I will type more later. as of now I really need to get dressed, pack up some homeowkr, and head to my parents for a couple hours. :)

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