Day 105

Well, today is the last day of classes for my first semester! Tomorrow, starts my finals! I have Social Issues and Health Promotion  finals tomorrow. Wednesday I have Fundamentals of Nursing final, and then Thursday is Faith Integration final. ... then Friday is getting stuff packed, cleaned, and finishing up Christmas gifts... all day!! WOOT!

Nothing really happening on my side... soooo... yea. Sorry. I think I have started to notice a different from all my working out though. Which makes me super excited :) I do 15minutes of Eliptical, Treadmill, and Bike, then weights and mat work! I think it is really working this time around. I like my me time.

Anyway, off to eat dinner. I need it! Then I am off to study!!!! With Jessica and Julia.

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  1. yay for noticing differences. even though I haven't really lost any weight I've gotten some compliments. so its working for me too.